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WPO- World- Peace- Organization and Community

WPO- World- Peace- Organization and Community

WE ARE NOT BAGGING OR PRAYING FOR PEACE WE ARE DOING PEACE, come and join us and the greateful peacework of YOGI MAJHAVI worldwide, even you ad only your smile to this comunity it would be a help for others, dont forget, NOBODY IS BORN IN THIS WORLD TO SUFFER, why humans treat violently other humans, Is this necesary ??? there is enough food resources on this planet for 7 billion people, but we destroy more than 50 % of that abundancy, how crazy is this, more than 2 billion of human beings have to leave there homes end countries because of the hate and violence of their neighbours, DAMN, STAND UP WITH US, TO STOP THIS, THAT 99,99% of the humanity have no conscient no dignity, no respect, since 2000 years people pray and invent some new GOD and holy ghosts evry day and want you to give money for religios mafia- organizations, STOP IT TODAY, just cross the road, in the next bakery you buy a hamburger and a refreshing drink, go back to the road and give it to someoneelse, who is bagging for food, AND YOU HAVE DONE MORE PEACEWORK THAN nearly all this big organizations, dont forget whats in the BIBLE jesus words: what you give to the poorest under your neighbours, you have given to me, SO STAND UP AND DO PEACE HOW EVER YOU CAN and dont give to rich organizations or their representatives with golden crown and big golden ring - talking farry tales and night mares, only to get your money DO PEACE--- DO IT YOURSELF OM SHANTIH, YOGI MAJHAVI

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