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Great things the best cooking blogs say

Blogging with little IT knowledge, it’s possible thanks to Overblog. If you need support, the customer service is always here to help you without delay!
Amandine Cooking
With the Premium Individual Plan, I was able to easily customise my blog so it matches my needs and get a personal domain name. Moreover, there’s great, fast and friendly customer support.
potes-au-feu: dans la cuisine de Damien
No waste of time filling papers to earn some money with my blog, love it.
La cuisine de Lili Marty
I created my blog for free in a breeze. By focusing on quality posts and photos, I’ve seen my audience grow and was able to build a community around my blog.

How to create a free blog?

  1. Come up with an idea and an original concept
  2. Create your free blog with Overblog
  3. Publish posts on a regular basis
  4. Choose a Domain name and advertise your blog

The best DIY blogs are on Overbog

Overblog allowed me to share my experience and create real links with my readers! The interface is very simple to use and very well done. I can only recommend this platform!
Rénover soi même une maison en pierre
With a few clics, I was able to create my blog with a domain name, and focus on producing great content instead of IT and settings. Kudos to the Overblog team for making blog creation approachable and delightful !
La maison de Laura

How to earn money with Overblog?

  1. Publish a Premium blog on Overblog
  2. Register to the Royalties Partnership Contract
  3. Publish posts on a regular basis
  4. Get your earnings when your reach 50€

Great things the best cinema and tv say

I’ve been with Overblog for 13 years without any complaint. The platform is great, and the team deeply care about the customers.
Zapping du PAF
15 years with Overblog : the team is awesome, agile and professional. The platform is very efficient.

How do I host an OverBlog blog?

With OverBlog, hosting is included at no cost, no matter how many visitors you have.

Your blog and content are secure and we back them up on our latest-generation servers.

Nobody using OverBlog has ever lost any data. And we do everything in our power to see that they never will.

How much does an OverBlog blog cost?

It's free to create an OverBlog site. It doesn't cost you anything to use OverBlog, and you have free access to dozens of features and design options.

How do I migrate a Wordpress blog to OverBlog?

  1. First, create your blog in 2 clicks
  2. Go to your blog settings
  3. Go to the Import section
  4. Enter the URL of the blog you want to import
  5. Follow the prompts

Overblog, the first European blog platform

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