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Blog von episabesyfoputic

Blog von episabesyfoputic
episabesyfoputic episabesyfoputic
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Seit : 26/06/2009
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Yet, in my own small way

Yet, in my own small way, I contrive to muddle through. If Namor would care to avail itself of my services, I have no doubt that I can help you.” “Why?” the slender Guardian asked warily. “Why are you so anxious to help us?” Haviland Tuf spread his big white hands helplessly. “I know, I might appear a fool. I cannot help myself. I am a

Suddenly there was agitation

Suddenly there was agitation. For no apparent reason, people began to run. Others stopped what they were doing and looked around, confused. Still others worked on, oblivious. The great metal claw, open and empty now, swung back out over the water and submerged again, even as another one rose on the far side of the ship. More people were running. Tw

A sumptuous meal had been

A sumptuous meal had been laid out in the small, spartan dining chamber to which Tuf escorted the Guardian Kefira Qay. They began with iced soup, sweet and piquant and black as coal, followed by neograss salads with a gingery topping. The main course was a breaded mushroom top full as large as the plate on which it was served, surrounded by a dozen

A Guardian uses no stimulants

A Guardian uses no stimulants or depressants. We are a fighting guild. Substances like that pollute the body and slow the reflexes. A Guardian must be vigilant. We guard and protect.” “Laudable,” said Haviland Tuf. He filled his own glass. “Sunrazor is wasted here. It has been recalled by Namor Control. We need its combat capabilities below

I shall labor without recompense

I shall labor without recompense,” said Tuf. “Of course, I will have operating expenses. I must charge a small fee to offset them. Say, three million standards. Do you think that fair?” “Fair,” she said sarcastically. “Fairly high, I’d say. There have been others like you, Tuf—arms merchants and soldiers of fortune who have come to

No,” she muttered.

No,” she muttered. She gazed at the empty plates. “You weren’t lying, then. You are what you claim, and this is a seedship of the . . . what did you call them?” “The Ecological Engineering Corps, of the long-defunct Federal Empire. Their ships were few in number, and all but one destroyed by the vicissitudes of war. The Ark alone survived

Kefira Qay sighed, a tired

Kefira Qay sighed, a tired look etched on her narrow face. “No,” she admitted. “Not if you can do all you promise. Of course, we are not a rich world. I will have to consult my superiors. This is not my decision alone.” She stood up abruptly. “Your communications facilities?” “Through the door and left down the blue corridor. The fift

Haviland Tuf blinked at her

Haviland Tuf blinked at her. “Dreadful,” he said. “Everywhere my warmth and hospitality is met with mistrust and violence.” He set the vehicle into motion. They drove in silence through a maze of interconnected rooms and corridors, and finally entered a huge shadowy shaft that seemed to extend the full length of the ship in both directions.

The water was calm, a tranquil

The water was calm, a tranquil green mirror from horizon to horizon. It was a hot day. Bright yellow sunlight poured down through a thin bank of gilded clouds. The ship rested still on the water, its metallic sides flashing silver-blue, its open deck a small island of activity in an ocean of peace. Men and women small as insects worked the dredges

I believe I just said as much

I believe I just said as much, in those very same words. Kindly pay attention. I am not partial to repeating myself. Before finding the Ark, I made a humble living from trade. My former ship is still on the landing deck. Perhaps you chanced to see it.” “Then you’re really just a trader.” “Please!” said Tuf with indignation. “I am an e