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Bettina Soller

Bettina Soller

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Fantastic Adolescence

Contemporary American Narrative and Participatory Culture
Bettina Soller Bettina Soller
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Seit : 23/10/2014
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Twilight versus The Mortal Instruments

I recently came across Luke Thompson's article on how the TMI franchise, especially the movie adoption, compares to Twilight and more classical supernatural fiction such as Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. ( I think he makes some great points, as he talks abou

City of bones fanfic

The following link leads to a fanfic written from Jace's point of view... Jenny vD

High Expectation of TMI Television Show This is an article about the planned adaptation of The Mortal Instruments as a television show. The writer highlights that any show has to try to meet the readers' expectation. But especially in the case of The Mortal Instuments, the viewers will already have a fixed e

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [Movie Review & Discussion] I found this movie review by youtube user Katytastic, an avid reader of young adult fiction and huge TMI fan, and thought her views were pretty representative of what I and some of the other people in our class who have read the book and watched the film could agree on last week. She discusses the casting

Mortal Instruments - This is war

This fanvideo shows clips of the first Mortal Instruments movie. It uses the song "This is war" by 30 seconds to mars. It features diffenrent characters and was well edited. Sonja S.

Fanart Movie Poster This picture is a fanmade movie poster for "City of Bones" which I found really good. It is a bit gloomy but I think that resembles the overall atmosphere of the book. You can see the New Yorker skyline with the Empire State Building in the background of the silouette of an angel to ma

Clare Cassandra and Fan Fiction

Cassandra Claire was a fan and fan writer in the Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings fandoms. She now writes professionally as Cassandra Clare. She is often considered to be one of the Harry ... Here is the article about Clare Cassandra from It intersects in interesting ways with our discussion in class concerned with fan fiction, p

Mortal Instruments - Fan-made trailer

Fan-made trailer: Official trailer: I found a fan-made trailer of MI - City of Bones. In comparison with the official trailer this fanwork creates tension by inserting scenes of the different characters - showing each one only for about one second - instead of u

Fantasy Fan's Review of MI

In this lengthy review of the book(s), this 'urban fantasy addict' goes into plenty of detail as to why she dislikes the books, preceded by only a few positive words on the series. I thought it interesting to see how she saw Clary similar to how anti-twilight fans react to Bella. She also uses Twilight as the lowest end of the 'writing scale' she u